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United Are Going To Stockholm

They’ll be thousands of reds We’ll be pissed out our heads Cos Utd are going to Stockholm!!!

publish April 24, 2017 15
Diego Woah – Man Utd Fans Away at Sunderland

‪Diego woah!‬ ‪Diego woah!‬ ‪He came from Uruguay,‬ ‪He made the Scousers cry‬ ‪#Mufc fans at Sunderland ‬

publish April 11, 2017 63
Man Utd Chant – Something Tells Me

Something tells me I’m into something good Woke up this morning feeling fine, Got Man Utd on my mind Jose’s playing the way that Utd should Manchester United fans at Sam Platts before kick off vs Liverpool

publish March 18, 2017 222
Flowers of Manchester

One cold and bitter Thursday in Munich, Germany, Eight great football stalwarts conceded victory, Eight men will never play again who met destruction there, The flowers of English football, the flowers of Manchester Matt Busby’s boys were flying, returning f

publish March 18, 2017 148
We All Hate Leeds / Smalling of MUFC

Sam Platts for the Hull City game. First leg in the EFL Cup semi final, comfortable 2-0 advantage going into the away leg thanks to goals from Juan Mata and Marouane Fellaini. We all hate Leeds scum We all hate Leeds scum He’s Chris Smalling of MUFC!!

publish March 18, 2017 144
Woah Mkhitaryan

Man United fans away at Hull Woah Mkhitaryan Henrikh Mkhitaryan He’s our midfield Armenian

publish March 18, 2017 110
Keano’s Fucking Magic

Oh Keano’s f*ckin’ magic He wears a magic hat Man United fans at Wembley vs Everton

publish March 18, 2017 79
Red Army, Red Army

Man Utd fans outside Old Trafford as City fans leave

publish March 18, 2017 82
Rossobianchi Song – Man Utd Fans

Manchester (x 8) From the green and gold, to Rossobianchi The boys from Old Trafford, mean everything to me The pride of all Europe, the team above all teams We are United, and so we all sing United (x 8) Fight for Manchester, and the RED ARMY Fight for United

publish March 18, 2017 63
Man Utd fans at Galatasaray: Busby Aces

You should have seen us coming, Fastest team in the League, Just to see us running, All the lads and lasses, With smiles upon their faces, Walking down the Warwick Road,To see Matt Busby’s aces!

publish March 18, 2017 58
Man Utd Fans In 1999: Champions League Final

Who Put The Ball In The Germans Net? Who Put The Ball In The Germans Net? Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

publish March 18, 2017 3908
United Calypso: Derby Away

Oh Manchester, Manchester United, A bunch of bouncing Busby Babes, They deserved to be knighted,

publish March 18, 2017 43

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